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Cognitive Psychology
Welcome to the PPTG home page

Welcome to the Perception and Performance Technical Group Website

Overview of PPTG
The Perception and Performance Technical Group's primary purpose is to promote exchanging information about perception and its relation to human performance. As its name implies, PPTG encompasses all sensory/perceptual modalities, not just vision, and encourages multi-modal approaches. Areas of concern include the nature, content, and quantification of sensory information and the context in which it is displayed; the physics and psychophysics of information display; perceptual and cognitive representation and interpretation of displayed information; assessment of workload using tasks having a significant perceptual component; as well as the actions and behaviors that result from information presented to the various sensory systems.

Benefits of Membership
Membership is open to anyone who shares the PPTG’s purpose, regardless of whether he or she is a HFES member – all you have to do is pay a modest technical group fee directly to HFES. The PPTG provides its members with numerous benefits. For example, student members can compete for the best student presentation award at the HFES conference. Members receive PPTG’s newsletter INSIGHT and email messages about the PPTG activities. All of these help foster communications among the members and provide timely, useful information. For more information on how to become a member of PPTG just click here.

We invite you to join the PPTG and receive the PPTG benefits!

– Sehchang Hah, Chairperson


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