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TUESDAY, September 20th
13:30-15:00pm: IE1 - Computers and Upper Extermities

WEDNESDAY, September 21st
8:30am-10am: IE2- Ergonomic Devices and Products
13:30-15pm: IE3 - Invited Speakers (David Rempel and Rob Radwin)
15:30pm-16:30pm: IETG group meeting

THURSDAY, September 22nd

10:30-12am: IE4 - Work Processes and Driving
15:30-5pm: IE5 - Low Back

FRIDAY, September 23rd
8:30-10am: IE6 - Muscles, Fatigue, and Posture
10:30-12:00am: IE7 - Ergonomics Processess and Sepcial Populations


FROM THE CHAIR                                                              demsey

Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to the home of the Industrial Ergonomics Technical Group (IETG).

I would like all members and potential members to consider joining our LinkedIn group:


For those of you not familiar, LinkedIn is a professional networking site designed to make professional contacts and facilitate interactions (as opposed to Facebook and similar social networking sites). You can interact as much or little as you wish, and control the amount of contact (e.g., receive notifications of all postings, weekly summary, never) you receive. This medium will allow for more frequent group contact and will also allow members to seek advice and information from the group. Please give it a try; you can always change your mind if it doesn’t suit you!

Looking to volunteer and become more involved in a limited manner? Let me know if you’re interested in working on a potential name change for the technical group, reviving the practitioner’s award, or other contribution to the group.


The Las Vegas technical program is shaping up nicely; I hope to see you all in September.



Dr. Patrick Dempsey, IETG Chair


I cannot wait till the HFES conference next week in San Francisco. We will have 9 IETG sessions this year, compared to 4 last year. We had 50 submissions to the HFES 2010 IETG sessions, of which 2 were posters and the remainder was lecture submissions. I appreciate your effort to submit papers this year, and the results are impressive. HFES allocates the number of sessions based solely on the number of submission, which is why our allotment increased substantially for 2010 HFES.

Wednesday, Sept. 29, will be the IETG Pioneers Day, when we will acknowledge some of the Pioneers of Industrial Ergonomics. In the morning, we will honor Drs. K.H.E. Kroemer and Colin Drury for their contribution to our discipline, and in the afternoon, we will honor the authors and contributors of the original NIOSH Work Practices Guide for Manual Lifting (1981). Please remember that there will be an awards ceremony and reception for the Pioneers after the afternoon session, followed by the IETG business meeting.

Dr. Rich Marklin, IETG Program Chair

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