Human Performance Modeling

Welcome to the home of the Human Performance Modeling Technical Group (HPMTG) for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. The HPMTG is concerned with the development and application of predictive and reliable, quantitative models of human performance. In distinction to other approaches to behavioral and cognitive modeling, human performance modeling considers the human, engaged in some goal-directed behavior, in the context of a designed task environment.

Our Scope

The TG is interested in models that are relevant to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Hence, we equally promote models of isolated aspects of human performance, models of the cognitive control of memory, attention, perception, and action, as well as models that are integrative in the sense that they receive task-related information from the environment and produce thoughtful human-like action.

Our Research

The TG has an interest in promoting and disseminating research related to:

  • The basic science foundation of such models
  • Engineering research needed to apply human performance models to human factors applications
  • New formalisms for human performance modeling
  • Techniques for evaluating the predictive success of such models

Our Vision

We see the TG as a forum for testing modeling approaches that are emerging from the basic research community against the hard realities of human factors problems. Contrariwise, we see the identification of challenges faced by the human factors community in human performance modeling as providing significant feedback to more basic researchers on the problems to be overcome and the opportunities for improvement to the research base.