Augmented Cognition

HFES Augmented Cognition Technical Group


In June 2007 the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Executive Council officially approved the new Augmented Cognition Technical Group (AC-TG). We thank all current HFES members and non-members who enthusiastically expressed interest in joining and helped us garner additional support from their colleagues. We look forward to welcoming additional HFES members—your continued interest and support will be the key to our group’s success in the coming years.

You can join the AC-TG online at the HFES website:



The AC-TG is concerned with fostering the development and application of:

  • real-time physiological and neurophysiological sensing technologies that can ascertain a human’s cognitive state while interacting with computing-based systems;
  • data classification and integration architectures that enable closed-loop system applications;
  • mitigation (adaptive) strategies that enable efficient and effective system adaptation based on a user’s dynamically changing cognitive state;
  • individually- tailored training systems; and
  • roadmaps for future directions concerning Augmented Cognition (AugCog) science and technology (S&T) and guidelines of use for the technology and user information that may be garnered from it.

The AC-TG seeks to serve as a forum for fostering the continual design and development of AugCog S&T and for the exchange and dissemination of information, which will provide another exciting opportunity for the Human Factors and AugCog fields to promote and leverage S&T breakthroughs, applications, and lessons-learned emerging from both fields. The AC-TG and its officers take a particular interest in continuing to provide novel and interactive venues for researchers, scientists, engineers, and practitioners to disseminate and exchange information and understanding and to present late-breaking research and application results concerning the perceptual, cognitive, and neurological aspects of the burgeoning field of AugCog. Through such recurrent exchange of ideas and information, it is envisioned that that today’s AugCog researchers and developers will continue to address basic human factors R&D challenges and put AugCog tools and methodologies into practice to develop numerous and diverse applications—from basic academic research to industrial and military fielded operational and training systems to everyday computing and entertainment applications.



Each year, the AC-TG awards the Leland S. Kollmorgen "Spirit of Innovation Award". Learn more about the award, and how to nominate someone.



If you would like more information on the AC-TG, please contact any of the ACTG officers. You can find their contact information on the ACTG Officer page.